🔳RMMA core

Mining output is governed by the RMMA (Rune Mania Miner Algorithm) which determines your Mania Multiplier: a dynamic multiplier fluctuating with your miner's stone, boosts, and unearthed runes.

Each miner has an initial Mania Multiplier of 1, equivalent to mining 10,000 runes per block. Depending on the stats for each boost, the Mania Multiplier will increase and more runes will be minted per block.

Runes are mined to the holders address. If you transfer or sell your RMM, any Runes you have already mined will still be assigned to your address. Ownership of the RMM changes, but mined Runes are permanently linked to the miner's address and do not transfer with the RMM.

RMMA Boosts

There are a total of 5 Boosts that affect mining output for each RMM.

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