What is the maximum supply of Runes by RMM?

The maximum supply of Runes has not been definitively set due to the influence of both static and dynamic boosts accessible to players. It is important to note that the total supply of Runes will be exclusively allocated to Miners, with no additional Runes being etched beyond what is mined. The precise supply will become clear at the time of the halving event, which occurs at Block 840,000.

Tokenomics: 100% of supply is distributed to miners.

What is the Rune Mania team address?

253 RMMs reserved for the team can be found at the address: bc1pev7jl33snf3evsmps0mgqs2j78uce0ll8refaeyk0kca229rahyq97f98y

Are RMM Runes tied to the address or the holder?

Runes are mined to the holders address. If you transfer or sell your RMM, any Runes you have already mined will still be assigned to your address. Ownership of the RMM changes, but mined Runes are permanently linked to the miner's address and do not transfer with the RMM.

How can I check balances, mining power and other stats?

Balances, mining power, statistics and much more information are visible in the RMM Dashboard.

Ordiscan: Use Ordiscan to check your current RMM balance and to see whether your RMM is active.

On chain Multiplier Checker: Use the on chain Multiplier Checker to check how many runes your RMM is currently mining.

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