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Operational guidelines RMM Season 1:

  • Airdrop Deployment: 3,547 RMMs have been airdropped from the Rune Mania Mothership to dedicated RSIC miners that have an active RSIC Boost. The snapshot for the airdrop was made on Feb 20 2024 - 6:00am EST. 253 RMMs are reserved for the Rune Mania team.

  • RMM Activation Protocol: Each RMM will start mining as soon as the RMM is transferred once after airdrop (self-transfer is allowed). After activation all boosts are activated and mining has initiated.

  • RMM Season 1 ends at the halving (Block 840,000) - This is the launch of the Runes protocol. Mined Runes will be airdropped to holder addresses based on their final mining balance, which can be seen in the dashboard.

  • RMMA core: Mining output is governed by the RMMA (Rune Mania Miner Algorithm) which determines your Mania Multiplier: a dynamic multiplier fluctuating with your miner's stone, boosts, and unearthed runes.

  • Generation: Stones, Runes and Boosts are dynamically generated from the inscription ID of the miner and the current Block Height.

  • Performance: Analyzing mining performance can be done though the RMM Dashboard

    • Check how many Runes you are currently mining in the Multiplier Checker (100% onchain, inscribed as an Ordinal).

  • Runes are mined to the holders address. If you transfer or sell your RMM, any Runes you have already mined will still be assigned to your address. Ownership of the RMM changes, but mined Runes are permanently linked to the miner's address and do not transfer with the RMM.

End of Transmission. Prepare for mining…

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